Faith Baptist Institute and Bible College (FBI) was started on January 16, 1989 by Pastor Sammy Allen and the Concord Baptist Church. It offered a three year (96 Hour) Graduate of Theology Degree. A four year (128 hour) Bachelor Program was added in the fall of 1994. In 2010 two diplomas and four degree programs were added through Correspondence and Online Distance Learning. Our intentions were, and still are today to staff our faculty with godly men who are filled with the Spirit of God.

Our staff strives to make every class one which both helps the student and honors the Saviour. We strive to maintain such a spiritual atmosphere that the studies will not be boring, but a blessing to the students. ur goal is to provide the student with both a working knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and a knowledge of the working of the Holy Spirit.

Meet Our Staff

President – Dr. Sammy Allen
President Dr. Sammy Allen
The President and Founder of Faith Baptist Institute and Bible College is Pastor of Concord Baptist Church and Moderator of Faith Baptist Camp, Dr. Sammy Allen. Dr. Allen has been in the ministry over 50 years and has been the only pastor of Concord Baptist Church
Vice President – Dr. Stinnett Ballew
Vice President Dr. Stinnett Ballew

Dr. Stinnett Ballew has pastored several churches but for the last 25 years has been working as an Evangelist. He preaches many mission conferences across the United States and has a daily radio broadcast heard on over 85 radio stations.